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  • 16 avril 2015

Because the handlebar is the rider's most important contact point with the bike, Syncros designers have paid special attention to this critical component. With rise, sweep, and width optimized to match modern bikes and riding styles, this line of Full Carbon Structure and alloy bars gives you the perfect tool to handle any of your rides.

Wider bars offer the rider longer levers to overpower trail obstacles and alsoprovide a wider, more stable platform than narrow bars. The result is enhancedcontrol and confidence on the trail.

Syncros handlebars are available in a variety of rise options to suit your riding styleand fit needs.

Our handlebars all feature an ergonomic, wrist-pleasing back bend.

Upsweep on our bars makes it comfortable for the long haul, and the bar canbe rotated to fine-tune your riding position. 

Syncros MTB Bars 

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