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  • 17 aprile 2015

Syncros' shock pump is precision crafted to facilitate easy and accurate suspension adjustments. Able to inflate to 300 psi / 20 bar, the pump is equipped with a convenient 360 degree rotating hose, the release button and the digital manometer provide precise pressure settings.

Shock Pumps Dimensions 

Syncros Shock Pumps SP1.0 and SP2.0 are designed on the same base. Made from an aluminium barrel and a composite handle, they allow a firm and safe handling to adjust the finest shock pressure tunning possible. The handle features a slot retention to keep the valve locked during transportation and storage while the green bleeder knob facilitates the air release.

Syncros Shock Pumps Valve
....Both Syncros Shock Pumps features a very user-friendly 2-Steps Schrader valve. It secures the connection with the shock to avoid dammages and ensures zero-leak when removing the valve.

Digital Gauge

Syncros SP1.0 features a slanted digital gauge for a better handling. Gauge is protected by an alloy housing to keep it away from any potential damages.


Analogic Gauge

Syncros SP2.0 features a slanted analogic gauge for a better handling.


Syncros SP1.0

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