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Syncros Vernon 2.0 Dual Floor Pump

Model : 270236

1. Color : cool grey

2. Size

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  • The first pump offering function and accuracy at low and high pressures. With its two air chambers our Vernon 2.0 Dual Floor Pump is the ideal pump for riders with multiple bikes.Simply flip the gauge to your preferred discipline. In ROAD mode the pump delivers a high pressure with a gauge that is calibrated to show up to 160PSI / 11 BAR to allow for accurate pressure. In MTB mode a second chamber is engaged to provide air at high volume. In this mode the gauge is flipped and you can reach accurate pressure with a 40PSI / 2.8 BAR gauge. The gauge is positioned beside the ergonomic handle to allow for easy reading of the desired pressure.
  • Material

    Steel barrel and base, composite handle with bleed button
  • Valve Type

    Flip head Presta/Schrader, with sealing lever
  • Maximum Pressure

    High volume / MTB = 40PSI
    High pressure / ROAD = 160PSI
  • Features

    The first pump offering both capability and precision to inflate road and mountain bike tires
    Dual face gauge, 40PSI/2.8Bar for Mountain bikes, 160PSI/11Bar for road bikes
    Flipping the gauge face activates the bigger or smaller pump barrels to reach high volume for mountain bikes tires or high pressure for road tires
    Integrated handle with head dock for locking and protection
    Reversible head with integrated air bleeding button
    Wide and stable steel base
    Flipable gauge for high volume MTB or High pressure Road delivery.
  • Air volume per stroke

    High volume / MTB = 784CC
    High pressure / ROAD = 327CC
Geometry not available

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