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Syncros Silverton SL wheelset
A system for Speed

A precision one-piece carbon system that gives you more speed with more control in every situation.

The goal with our new Silverton SL cross country wheelset was to build the fastest, lightest wheel possible. Our engineers studied lateral and torsional stiffness, as well as mass distribution, to come up with the optimal carbon layup. They developed a one piece mold with a unique tensioning process to provide a one piece rim, spoke and spider construction.

Our new Silverton wheels have been re-engineered from the ground up resulting in three key benefits for the rider of faster acceleration, cornering and braking at a groundbreaking total weight of 1250 grams.

More reactive

1250g Centralized Mass = Improved acceleration, braking and more reactive steering.


+100% Torsional Stiffness = Increased power transfer, improved acceleration.

More precise

+30% Lateral Stiffness = Cornering stability and precision steering.


Our Silverton SL wheelset involved several engineering challenges that the team worked around to reach the end product.

Lateral stiffness

Lateral Stiffness is crucial for handling and control. The goal with the Silverton SL was not just more stiffness but also balanced stiffness left to right. In the Silverton SL this is most impacted by 2 unique features:

Spoke tension

Contributes to the lateral stiffness of the wheel. As a result of our one-piece molded construction and our unique pre straining process we can achieve higher spoke tension then other carbon wheels, resulting in a more lively wheel and a more responsive ride.

Spoke strength

Our carbon spokes weigh 3.5g each as oppose to 5.7g for a steel spoke and yet are 35% stronger. Unlike traditional spoke fixation the Silverton SL’s spokes are bonded directly to the rim and pull from the opposite side of the hub and rim, increasing torsional rigidity.

Torsional Stiffness

Lateral Stiffness is crucial for handling and control. The goal with the Silverton SL was not just more stiffness but also balanced stiffness left to right. In the Silverton SL this is most impacted by 2 unique features

Fiber continuity

The more continuous fiber that is utilized in the construction the higher the Torsional Stiffness. With the SL’s one-piece construction a single spoke actually runs from rim to rim.

Spoke Cross

With its one piece construction the SL’s spokes are actually woven at the intersection. This has the effect of shortening the spokes between the hub and the rim.


Carbon fiber, tubeless ever ready, hookless rim

As the rim is constructed in one hollow piece, the only drilling is for the valve stem resulting in a fully tubeless ready system. The hookless bead provides increased impact protection and reduced pinch-flats.

Spoke count

Our engineers studied the optimal number of spokes for the ideal strength to weight ratio. The result was a 20 spoke wheel, less than this required a heavier construction while more spokes was less torsionally stiff.


Rim profile

Our rim profile allows the spoke fibres to wrap around the rim sidewall for added strength and has been optimized for lateral and torsional rigidity.


We use high quality DT Swiss 190 hub internals including ceramic bearings and the Star Ratchet freehub for top performance and reliability.


Low inertia

Not all 1250g wheels are created equal. Our unique construction method moves weight from the outside of the wheel around the rim to the inside of the wheel near the hub resulting in faster acceleration.


Total weight front wheel: 583g
Total weight rear wheel: 667g

Total wheelset weigth: 1250g


If your Syncros Silverton SL wheel becomes damaged by a crash in a non-repairable way and the wheel cannot be used anymore you will have the possibility to take advantage of a special rate on a new wheel.

This offer is eligible for the first owner of the wheel up to 3 years from the purchase date.

Depending on the age of the wheel, Syncros will offer you the following discounts:

  • In the first year after the date of purchase a 50% reduction is offered on the official retail price,
  • in the second year 30%,
  • and in the third year a 20% discount.

To do so please contact your authorized Syncros dealer to start the process. In case of further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.